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Dental X rays

Nurse Ella lines up the new dental digital X ray unit with Lily’s molars. Crisp clear X rays of pets’ mouths enhance vets’ decision-making. No longer do we have to agonise over whether a tooth is healthy enough to leave or whether we should extract it to prevent mouth pain and infection. Nurse Ella will save Lily’s dental images to her record so that we can see if there has been any deterioration between dental treatments.

Digital imaging

Dr Helen admires Bull Mastiff George’s X ray on our new digital X ray system. The high quality of the X ray images increases the accuracy of our diagnoses. We are able to fine tune and individualise your pets’ body and dental X rays and save them directly to their computer records.  Copies of the X rays can also be sent electronically to veterinary imaging specialists and an opinion returned the same day.  Already many pets’ lives have been improved or saved by this leap forward in technology.