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  • Catoberfest at Canberra Cat VetCatoberfest at Canberra Cat Vet

    You are invited to Catoberfest at Canberra Cat Vet, Hall Vet Surgery's sister clinic, on Friday 23rd October… »

      Canberra Cat Vet, Hall Vet Surgery's feline offshoot, is open. Phone Leanne or Dr Kate on 6251 1444 for an… »
  • Snotty-nosed catsSnotty-nosed cats

    Snotty-nosed and snuffly cats are difficult to live with. Their owners put up with sneezes and snot all over the house, as well… »
  • Living with cat allergies – and catsLiving with cat allergies – and cats

    Do you suffer wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes and itchy eyes and arms around your cat? For me, these allergy symptoms are a… »
  • Cat NamesCat Names

    Here's what our clients have been naming their kitties these last three… »
  • Ticks worst in yearsTicks worst in years

    Already this spring we have seen dogs and cats back from the beach with tick paralysis. Reports from the coast say that the… »
  • Kidney failure in catsKidney failure in cats

    What do kidneys do?   The kidneys remove waste products from the blood stream, regulate fluid and electrolyte… »
  • Cat fightsCat fights

    Cats typically have a hate-hate relationship with any strange cat in their presence, yard, or environment. When new cats… »
  • Snake seasonSnake season

    Jonah reports that snakes are out and about again. He found one on Saturday night. His carers thought he wasn't himself on… »
  • Lilies poison catsLilies poison cats

    All species of lilies are toxic to cats. Indoor cats with little choice in plant munching material are most at risk as they… »

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