Australia Day Closing

People dressed up in costumes for Australia Day celebrations, approximately 1915<br /> From National Library of Australia Commons collection on

Hall Veterinary Surgery will be closed for all of Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January. In case of an emergency, contact the Animal Emergency Centre on 62806344. Other than the Tuesday, it will be business as usual. Call us for an appointment on 6230 2223.

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April Maney – Receptionist


April is the smiley face you see when you first walk in the door, she joined our team in 2014 after a childhood of ‘constantly harassing her parents for more pets’. When she’s not on the front desk you can find her hanging out with her goofball of a dog and best friend, Alfie. Alfie ...

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Janet Mathewson – Practice Manager


Janet is our practice manager who makes things happen with an absolute minimum of fuss. She is our go to person for so many things - she organises everything from staff training days to sorting out a dental machine that no one else can fix. Janet is originally from Fife in Scotland and emigrated to Australia ...

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Zara Nurbasari – Receptionist/Trainee Veterinary Nurse


Zara joined the veterinary industry about a year ago to fulfil her dream of helping animals. Zara is a self-confessed “crazy cat lady” and is interested in anything to do with cats, but if she had to narrow it down she does have a special interest in cat behaviour and genetics. Zara lives with her Mum, ...

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Gail Jackson – Veterinarian


Gail was born in the U.K and lived there until she was just over 2 years of age when her family relocated to the Sunshine Coast. Gail went to university at James Cook University in Townsville, and whilst studying she found herself on a placement at a Vet in Canberra and realised it was somewhere ...

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Jenny Coonan – Veterinarian


Jenny has been with Hall Vet Surgery for such a long time. First as a client, then work experience student, then vet nurse, then as a placement during her veterinary science course with Charles Sturt University, and now working as a veterinarian - 50/50 here and at Canberra Cat Vet. Outside of work Jenny enjoys ...

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John Yang – Veterinarian


John came to Australia from New Zealand about a decade ago and recently moved to Canberra from the South coast, leaving behind his love for snorkelling and scuba diving to indulge in his love for animals. Although he is passionate about all species of animals that he works with, John has a special interest in cats ...

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Emma Gulliver – Veterinarian


Emma graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honours. Following a stint of travelling, she joined the Hall Veterinary Surgery team in 2014. Emma’s love of animals has been life-long, with her first dog Jack giving her 17 short years of friendship before sadly passing away when she was 19. Her beloved dog ...

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Keely Scotland – Trainee Vet Nurse/Receptionist


Keely has been working with us for the past 2 years; she started out on the reception desk flanking her Mum (Debbie) who was our Head Receptionist at the time, but her love of animals saw her slowly spending more and more time out the back with the Nurses. She has been studying Veterinary Nursing for ...

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Itchy Skin


Does your dog have itchy skin? Itchy skin is a common problem for many animals. A dog with itchy skin will excessively scratch, lick or bite its skin, and the skin will become hot and lose its hair. If the scratching is severe, it might even have cuts and scabs, or a bad odour. The itching ...

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