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  • Itchy SkinItchy Skin

    Does your dog have itchy skin? Itchy skin is a common problem for many animals. A dog with itchy skin will excessively… »
  • Guide to Dog Body LanguageGuide to Dog Body Language

    Zoom Room in the US have created a useful visual guide to Dog Body Language. It's about five minutes long, and silent (until… »
  • Heat strokeHeat stroke

    (We published this back in 2011, but with the coming very hot days at the end of the week, we thought it best to mention… »
  • Support Utopia dogsSupport Utopia dogs

    Great news! AMRRIC and the Utopia camp dog desexing project have been nominated to participate in the Grill’d Local Matters… »
  • Bringing your dog into TasmaniaBringing your dog into Tasmania

    Tasmania is the only state in Australia that is free of hydatid tapeworms. And they want to keep it that way. So if you… »
  • Tips for training successTips for training success

    Use your pup's name before every command to attract her attention.  She then knows that the commands are meant for her. If… »
  • Discouraging bitingDiscouraging biting

    All puppies play bite and mouth their owners and other pets in the family.  Discourage it because it will continue into… »
  • Good mealtime mannersGood mealtime manners

    Manners maketh dog - as well as man! Good mealtime manners are vital to a healthy relationship between you and your… »
  • Teaching your pup to heelTeaching your pup to heel

    Walking well on a lead is the most valuable skill your pup will ever learn. Enjoyable outings depend on your dog following you… »
  • Teaching your dog to stayTeaching your dog to stay

    The key to succeeding with the "stay" command is to make small steps of success and not giant leaps of failure! Break the… »

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