It’s Polite Pets month!

It is Polite Pets Month, which focuses on how to recognise and treat anxiety, fear and phobias in our furred and feathered friends. Up to 20% of our pets suffer from anxiety and this can result in behaviours that are unacceptable like aggression, separation and noise phobias and toileting where you would rather they didn’t!

Finding out the true cause of these behaviours is essential to managing them effectively. Jumping on the punishment wagon can worsen anxiety driven problems.
Behaviour issues are best treated sooner rather than later so that you can maintain a happy family! Dr Helen is available for behaviour consults. Call reception to arrange a time.

Dog off-lead and on-lead areas

nearbydogareasJust a reminder that we have some very handy Google maps that show where dog off-lead and dog-prohibited areas are in northern Canberra. These were based on data from the ACT Government which at the time was pretty inaccessible. Since then, they have added a Dog Exercise Areas map layer to ACTMAPi, their interactive map portal (they even have it in a format for non-Windows computers). So you can now get it straight from the source. We still prefer our Google maps, ‘cos we think they look nicer!

Note that the Government is currently reviewing all dog exercise areas. We will let you know of changes as soon as they announce them.

Beat the heat

A cocker spaniel jumping into a poolThis next week is going to be really hot, so make sure that your pets have access all day to water and shade.

Little (hard) plastic wader pools are a good idea, depending on the dog (or cat!)

If you find your dog is becoming stressed by the heat, cool them down with a hose immediately. Wet them to the skin. If they still look stressed, phone us immediately as heat stroke is potentially fatal. To learn more, check out our earlier post here.