Dog off-lead areas


Guide to northside off-lead areas

Key map of nearby dog areas (off leash and dog prohibited)

Click in an area to load an interactive map of nearby off-leash and dog-prohibited areas.

These areas are based on the ACT Territory and Municipal Services maps of Dog Exercise Areas,
but are much faster to load and easier to use.

Gungahlin NW Belc SW Belc NE Belc SE Belc N Canb

Whilst dogs are forbidden in some of the most beautiful natural areas, like Black Mountain, Gungahlin Grasslands, Goorayaroo and Mulligans Flat, there is still some good on-lead walking to be had

  • south of Aranda,
  • east of Ainslie and Hackett (Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie),
  • west of O’Connor (O’Connor Ridge)  and
  • south-east of Nicholls,