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Doggy Doos and Don’ts

Some frequently asked questions about dog ownership in the ACT and NSW.

Does my dog need to be registered? Yes– at 8 weeks.It must wear the tag provided. Yes – by 6 months, microchipped by 12 weeks. Must wear its registration tag and phone/name tag
Do I have to microchip my dog? Yes, by 12 weeks old. Yes, it is Step 1 of the registration process.
Do I have to get my dog de-sexed? Yes. If your dog is born on or after June 21, 2001, and you wish to keep it sexually entire, you will be required to apply for a permit to keep your animal sexually entire after 6 months of age.Vets must tattoo the animal’s ear unless the owner asks for it NOT to be done. No, but large discounts in registration for desexed animals
I have 3 pets and I want to get another. Are there any special considerations? Yes. You require a licence to own 4 or more dogs or cats over 12 wks of age. No. Any number of animals so long as they are all properly cared for and do not pose any nuisance, health or safety risk.
Do I receive a discount as I am a pensioner? Yes, for registration and permission to keep an un-desexed animal. Yes 
Do I receive a discount as I have an obedience trained dog? No. Only trained assistance dogs. No
Do I have to pick up my dog’s droppings? Yes. And , you also need to carry appropriate equipment to pick up and carry the droppings. Yes.
Where can I exercise my dog? In both the ACT and NSW, dogs are forbidden from being within 10 metres of children’s designated play areas, in school grounds without permission, public swimming areas,  childcare centres, National Parks and other reserves which forbid dogs. The ACT also excludes dogs from sporting fields whilst sport or training is in progress. Otherwise, your dog may accompany you on a leash.
Where can I exercise my dog off-leash? Maps are available from
Domestic Animal Services and ACT Shopfronts outlining areas where dogs can be exercised off-leash. Or check out our own summary maps.
Yass Council, Ph. (02) 6226 9235
What about tail-docking? Tail docking of your dog is now illegal throughout Australia unless performed for medical purposes by a veterinarian.There is no breed standard recognised by the Australian Canine Association that requires a docked tail to be entered into any competition.
Can my dog ride on the back of my ute? Yes, if secured. Make sure that the lead is short enough to prevent the dog going over the side of the vehicle.
For more information: Domestic Animal Servicesor phone 13 22 81 NSW Dept of Local Govt Companion Animal pagesor phone 4428 4100