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AMRRIC visits Yuendumu (September 2012)

This should have been posted many months back, but we were celebrating our Open Day, so here now is a link to a short article that Helen wrote after her stint helping with an AMRRIC (Animal Management in Remote and Rural Indigenous Communities) visit to Yuendumu.

Helen-does-surgery-in-the-kitchen_0We’ll try and get some other photos from that trip up too. And then there’s Canberra Mob’s most recent trip to Utopia (April 2013)… more from that soon, too.


The Utopia Expedition

Dr Kate and Nurse Geraldine are back from the Utopia group of Aboriginal settlements in Central Australia. In a hectic week they helped  desex 184 dogs in a temporary vet hospital at the Arlparra basketball courts.

A remarkable collaboration between vets and nurses from Canberra, the Tennant Creek Shire council, AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) vets based in Darwin and the local Ampilatwatja health service worked to improve animal health and welfare, and human health.

The vets spent half their time in surgery and the other half out in the camps talking to the people about dog health and the benefits of desexing.