Behaviour and Training


Our helpful staff can provide clients with many different recommendations for puppy school and dog trainers in the ACT region. Puppy school offers you an opportunity to introduce your puppy to many additional sights, sounds and experiences in a controlled and responsible way. They are a fun and informative way to help you begin the socialisation process in a safe environment and allow your puppy to meet others while it is still very young. Good socialisation is the best way to ensure a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog.


There are many behaviours that can best addressed with a behaviour consultation, including but not limited to: separation distress/anxiety, noise reactions/phobias, fear of places/experiences (such as grooming, vet visits, travel), human directed aggression, dog/cat directed aggression, abnormal toileting behaviour, general fearfulness or anxiety, behavioural changes in senior pets, excessive reactivity to various things, excessive barking/destruction, and repetitive behaviours.
Dr Karen Smith is working with us offering Behavioural Consultations for clients on the first Wednesday of every month. Dr Karen is a Veterinarian and has completed additional study and qualifications in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. Dr Karen is committed to in order to help improve our pets’ quality of life and the bond between pets and their families. Veterinary behaviour consults are extended consults and are by appointment only.
If you would like to book your pet in for a behaviour consultation or if you have further questions please call Hall Vet Surgery on 6230 2223.