Behaviour and Training


Puppy Pre-School offers you an opportunity to introduce your puppy to many additional sights, sounds and experiences in a controlled and responsible way. They are a fun and informative way to help you begin the socialisation process in a safe environment and allow your puppy to meet others while it is still very young. Good socialisation is the best way to ensure a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog.

Adolescent classes are open to any aged dog over four months. They are run by a Delta qualified trainer who will help you and your dog to understand appropriate behaviour around people and other dogs. In these classes we focus on attention, self control, loose lead walking and to come when called. If you would prefer one-on-one training this can be arranged.


Specialist behavioural work-ups which are conducted with our qualified veterinary behaviourist Dr Helen will provide you with a comprehensive summary of the issues and a treatment plan to ameliorate your pet’s state of mind. A wide range of pet mental health issues can be improved with the treatment and support we can provide.