Puppy Parties

Sunny on the Confidence CourseHall Veterinary Surgery’s dog training is delivered through puppy preschool course, which is for puppies aged 8-12 weeks. This is the ideal window for puppies to learn socialisation skills, which is very important to avoid social-behavioural issues as they grow up. Whether this is your first puppy, or you need a refresher, these classes start both of you off on the right foot/paw.

We bring you up to date on all aspects of puppy care including diet, parasite control, desexing, registration and strategies for shaping good behaviour. We teach basic training: “Come”, “Sit”, “Drop” and walking on lead using positive food rewards.

Puppy party introduces puppies to other dogs, people and experiences in a positive way at the most impressionable age. This reduces fear that might lead to aggression in susceptible dogs. You establish your role as leader early and gain tools for developing a healthy, happy, calm and well-mannered pet. We hope that you will be rewarded by years of devotion, fun and companionship.
As a responsible dog owner you protect dogs’ reputation as man’s best friend.

Dixie and familyOne or two class streams run on weekday nights for four consecutive weeks. Classes are restricted to 5-6 puppies and their main carers. Space limits us to two people per puppy. Bookings are essential and we require proof of vaccination.
In each class we provide you with notes and product samples relevant to the topics discussed.
Please call Hall Veterinary Surgery on 62302223 to book in and for further information.

Here are our puppy party graduation photos. We upload all of our more recent ones on our facebook page, facebook.com/hallvet.
Do you want more fun training or have a pup that was too old for puppy party? We also run adolescent classes with nurse Pauline. Call us on 6230 2223 for more info.