At Hall Veterinary Surgery, we offer acupuncture as an integral part of the total veterinary health care system. This is provided by Helen Purdam who certified with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1993.

By integrating veterinary acupuncture with western veterinary science, we can offer further treatment options to improve outcomes for our patients.

There are times when conventional medicines prove insufficient for adequate management of common chronic disease such as osteoarthritis and back problems. Acupuncture can improve the comfort and mobility of these pets.

Many of our clients have commented that their pet seems to “just feel happier” after their treatment.

Patients are chosen for acupuncture therapy based on a full clinical examination and temperament. Radiographs are helpful, however they are not required.

Acupuncture treatments take 30 minutes. A program of three treatments at weekly intervals initially is followed by top up treatments as required. The majority of pets tolerate acupuncture well. Light reversible sedation is offered to our more bouncy patients.