Canberra Cat Vet

Canberra Cat VetcropCanberra Cat Vet, our sister practice, is located in Belconnen, at 16 Purdue St (parking access via Gillott St). Phone them on 6251 1444.


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    • Why take your cat to a Cat Friendly Practice like Canberra Cat Vet? Sep 16, 2014
    • Is my cat in season??? Sep 6, 2014
      What are the signs that my female cat is in heat? Any or all of the signs below may be an indication that your cat is in heat. • Your cat becomes more affectionate than usual • She rolls around the floor • She carries her tail to one side. • She is very vocal […]
    • Birthday celebrations! Sep 2, 2014
      Canberra Cat Vet celebrates its first birthday this Friday 5th September. Join us on Friday or Saturday morning, have a piece of birthday cake and try your luck at the lucky dip - lots of cat and human prizes  to be won!
    • Breathing difficulty Aug 12, 2014
      If you notice that your cat is having any breathing difficulty call us immediately on 6251 1444. Cats hide chest problems until they are verging on life threatening so do not hesitate to make it an emergency. A cat is having breathing difficulty if she is mouth breathing, and/ or crouched down with elbows out. […]
    • Recognising and resolving cat conflict Aug 8, 2014
      The average cat-owning household has at least two cats, some many more. And while most cats seem to get along fine, they can react quickly when they feel threatened. A more assertive cat might chase another cat from or silently block access to a food bowl or litter pan; a less assertive cat might spend […]

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