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Canberra Cat VetcropCanberra Cat Vet, our sister practice, is located in Belconnen, at 16 Purdue St (parking access via Gillott St). Phone them on 6251 1444.


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    • Runny noses Jan 9, 2015
      Macey doesn't like sneezing one little bit!  Snuffles, sneezing, noisy breathing, snoring and nasal discharge are signs of nasal and sinus disease. In young cats the flu viruses – feline herpesvirus and calicivirus – are the most common cause. These viruses damage the nasal mucosa and then bacteria infect the nasal passages causing a pussy […]
    • Canberra Cat Vet's Holiday Opening Hours Dec 18, 2014
      Christmas Eve: 8.30am - 2.30pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed 27th December: 8.30am - 12.30pm 28th December (Sunday): Closed 29th December: 8.30am - 5.30pm 30th December: 8.30am - 5.30pm 31st December: 8.30am - 5.30pm New Year's Day: Closed If you have an emergency and we are closed, phone the Animal Emergency Centre on 6280 […]
    • Thiamine deficiency in cats Oct 26, 2014
      When we read about recent cases of thiamine deficiency in cats fed preserved pet meats in Sydney we also found this American report about thiamine deficiency in cats fed uncooked fish and some pate type can foods. Thiamine is essential for carbohydrate metabolism, muscle contraction, and nerve conduction. Very little thiamine is stored in the […]
    • Permethrin flea products toxic to cats Oct 22, 2014
      Fleas are out and about again with the warmer weather. Be sure to only use a cat flea product on your cat. Dog flea products containing permethrin can be fatal if applied to cats even in small amounts. It is vital that dog flea products are not applied to cats. In fact it is better […]
    • Why take your cat to a Cat Friendly Practice like Canberra Cat Vet? Sep 16, 2014

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