Keely Scotland – Trainee Vet Nurse/Receptionist


Keely has been working with us for the past 2 years; she started out on the reception desk flanking her Mum (Debbie) who was our Head Receptionist at the time, but her love of animals saw her slowly spending more and more time out the back with the Nurses. She has been studying Veterinary Nursing for ...

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Itchy Skin


Does your dog have itchy skin? Itchy skin is a common problem for many animals. A dog with itchy skin will excessively scratch, lick or bite its skin, and the skin will become hot and lose its hair. If the scratching is severe, it might even have cuts and scabs, or a bad odour. The itching ...

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Festive Season Hours

iStock_000010710301XSmall copy

Hall Veterinary Surgery will be have the following schedule over this Christmas/New Year festive season: Thu Dec 24 Early close 2pm for Christmas Eve Fri Dec 25 Closed Christmas Day Sat Dec 26 Closed Boxing Day Sun Dec 27 Closed Sunday Mon Dec 28 Closed Boxing Day Public Holiday Tue Dec 29 Open 8.30-6.30pm Wed Dec 30 Open 8.30-6.30pm Thu Dec 31 Early close 2pm for New Years Eve Fri Jan 1 Closed ...

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New strain of Rabbit Calicivirus found in the ACT


There have been two recent cases of a new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus - RHDV2 - reported in the ACT. The current vaccine available in Australia - Cylap - has partial protection against this strain. Recommendations from the ACT and NSW Chief Veterinary Officers are: vaccinate all rabbits in your household vaccinate breeding animals before the ...

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Guide to Dog Body Language


Zoom Room in the US have created a useful visual guide to Dog Body Language. It's about five minutes long, and silent (until about four minutes in!).

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Congratulations Helen!


Congratulations to Dr Helen who passed her membership exams to the Animal Behaviour chapter of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. That was a lot of hard work!  

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It’s Polite Pets month!


It is Polite Pets Month, which focuses on how to recognise and treat anxiety, fear and phobias in our furred and feathered friends. Up to 20% of our pets suffer from anxiety and this can result in behaviours that are unacceptable like aggression, separation and noise phobias and toileting where you would rather they didn't! Finding ...

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Dog off-lead and on-lead areas


Just a reminder that we have some very handy Google maps that show where dog off-lead and dog-prohibited areas are in northern Canberra. These were based on data from the ACT Government which at the time was pretty inaccessible. Since then, they have added a Dog Exercise Areas map layer to ACTMAPi, their interactive map ...

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Beat the heat

A cocker spaniel jumping into a pool

This next week is going to be really hot, so make sure that your pets have access all day to water and shade. Little (hard) plastic wader pools are a good idea, depending on the dog (or cat!) If you find your dog is becoming stressed by the heat, cool them down with a hose immediately. Wet ...

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Dog Names (2013)


Here's what our clients have been naming their dogs in the last three years. Male Dogs Max Charlie Jack Oscar Billy, Buddy Barney, Sam, Teddy, Toby Female Dogs Bella Ruby Molly Coco Pepper Daisy Rosie Nala, Zoe Notable names include, for the lads; explosives Dynamite and Nitro; many Greek gods inc Ajax, Apollo, Zeus; Rock gods Jagger and Hendrix; some Roman heavyweights inc Jupiter, Brutus, Caesar, Maximus; and several Star Wars characters, ...

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