“Doing Our Bit”

What else makes us feel good!

Not blowing our trumpet, but how else do you raise awareness that businesses should be contributing as best they can?

Lesa and Helen, as Hall Veterinary Surgery’s directors are wanting to promote individual as well as corporate social responsibility. We’ll try and keep track of it here.

“Good Causes”

Many vets support Wildlife Rescue and the RSPCA as a matter of their normal day. We also have had staff bring several of their passions into the workplace.

Penny and Leanne in the depths of Borneo

In 2007, two nurses did some serious fundraising for WIRES and headed to Borneo to see the orang-utan conservation work.

In 2008, we raised over $3000 in a belated World’s Biggest Shave in aid of the Leukemia Foundation.

In 2009, we held a Pink Ribbon Day BBQ and Dog Walk which raised nearly $1000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This was followed up by the lads growing mos for Movember, raising awareness for Prostate Cancer and for male depression. These two drives combined to raise nearly $2000.

In 2010 & 2011, we’ve participated in various smaller fund-raisers, including the RSPCA’s 2011 Cup Cake Day, raising $345.

We are also providing some ongoing financial support to AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities), which runs programs to improve the health of dogs and their owners in many indigenous communities in NT, WA, NSW and Queensland.

In 2012 nurse Geraldine and Dr Kate staged a huge fund-raising and later joined several other Canberra vets in late March to visit the Utopia communities outside of Alice Springs to do a massive desexing/worming/education whirlwind visit.

Since then Dr Kate and Dr Helen have made more visits to Yuendumu, Kakadu and Utopia.

Water consumption

Washing drapes, towels, gowns, scrub tops etc is a constant activity in a vet practice, with up to six loads of washing per day, so we’ve purchased a commercial front-loading washer to reduce the our water consumption. At 50% less water, we’re hoping to save about 2000 litres per week.

Adapt2 eco have installed three low profile water tanks which we are hooking up to nearly 250 square metres of roof to help with maintaining our gardens. A fall of 30mm rain half fills our 15000 litre capacity!

Electricity consumption

For over three years, we have been purchasing ACTEW’s Greenchoice Business 10 level 6, sourcing a guaranteed amount of power from renewable means. This will keep nearly five cars’ worth of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

We are also investigating solar water heating, which should work well for us, as our main hot water use is during the day, when the sun is shining.

By better controlling our fresh air input in winter, we have cut our winter electricity usage dramatically.


We have been keen recyclers of paper, cardboard and cans/bottles for a long time.

For a while, we have been trying to find a recycling solution for the polystyrene containers we receive for refrigerated goods, and are currently trialling an arrangement with Recycling Expanded Poly-Styrene Australia. We’ll keep you posted.

(Latest update 2013. Our main wholesaler is now picking up the containers to reuse, which is even better!)

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